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CNC Flat Bed Lathe

The CNC flat bed lathe is a kind of CNC horizontal lathe which is equipped with a large platform to support the stable operation with excellent performance. It is cost effective with the fast working speed as well as the high working efficiency.
With the scientific and ergonomic design, it is able to work intelligently with the accurate control that you can get the suitable one according to your requirements. It is available to operate steadily with the consistent performance. It is easy to operate that one person is enough to handle with the equipment. It is endurable with long working time that it can be used over and over again. Resistant to corrosion, dust and oxygen, it is convenient to maintain and clean, greatly extending its service life.
With the strict standards and high-quality control, the CNC flat bed lathe is of premium quality since it is produced by our company which is known as the reliable manufacturers and suppliers in China. It is available to provide the lathe for sale with competitive price.
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