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CNC Horizontal Lathe

The main function of the brake device of the CNC horizontal lathe is for the lathe parking process, which is used to overcome the rotational inertia of the moving parts in the headstock to control the spindle to stop rotating rapidly to shorten the auxiliary time and thereby install the brake on the horizontal lathe. It is a machine tool that turns a rotating workpiece with a turning tool. On the lathe, drills, reamer, reamer, taps, dies and knurling tools can also be used for machining.
It is designed with the horizontal style that it is convenient to operate, which is available to provide the comfortable using experience. Made with high strength and strong frame, it is strong enough to support the machine to have stable and excellent performance. Resistant to corrosion, dust and oxygen, it has endurable service time that it can be used for a long time.
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