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CNC Turning Center

The CNC turning center is designed with all functions such as lathe, milling machine and drilling machine that it can complete multiple operations at the same time, shorten the production process chain and improve production efficiency. In addition to milling planes, grooves, gear teeth, threads and ridge shafts, milling machines can also process more complex surfaces, are more efficient than planers, and are widely used in the mechanical manufacturing and repair departments.
It is equipped with the intelligent controlling system which is able to make sure the stable operation with high precision, which is quite convenient to use with the comfortable using experience. Designed with the strong frame, it is endurable with long service life that it can be used for a long time.
Manufactured with strict standards, the CNC turning center is of superior quality since our company with own factory is able to provide the products for sale with reasonable price, which is one of the reliable manufacturers and suppliers in China.