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Advantages of high - end CNC system
Jul 02, 2018

For CNC machine tools, CNC system is the brain of machine tool, all the processing instructions and motion control are given by the CNC system. Now foreign leading CNC system has such as Fanuc, Siemens, Mitsubishi, domestic has GSK, KND, HNC, and other enterprises.

CNC system is short for Computer Numerical Control system. According to the control program stored in the computer memory, perform some or all numerical control functions, and a special computer system equipped with interface circuit and servo drive device.

Through the instructions with the Numbers, words and symbols to achieve one or more machinery equipment action control. It is usually control position, Angle and speed.

Although China's numerical control system has achieved great development, but more than 90% of the CNC system supporting high-end CNC machine tools in China is foreign products. Especially for the high grade CNC machine tools urgently needed by the national defense industry. The high grade CNC system is the key factor to determine the performance, function, reliability and cost of machine tool equipment.

Foreign countries are still imposing blockade restrictions on China, which has become the bottleneck restricting the development of high-end CNC machine tools in China.

CNC system is basically a combination of software and hardware products, but the added value is mainly reflected in software.

High-end CNC system in the choice will be more diversified, function in terms of efficiency, accuracy, surface finish, good system can finish faster processing, precision is more conform to the requirements of the factory at the same time, the roughness control better.

At the same time, a good CNC system in daily work can keep more stable processing performance, to meet all kinds of mechanical failure timely prevention and take corresponding emergency measures, meets malfunction, can also be relatively easy to back to normal working condition.

Compatibility for CNC system is very important also, good system will consider the current multiple interfaces, standards and protocols, formats, such as support, and less commonly can only support several fixed.

On the whole, the high-end CNC system has more advantages in practicability, reliability, compatibility, stability and humanization than the middle-low CNC system.

The future numerical control system also has the very broad space for development, also hope that the domestic numerical control system can last, accumulate experience, to produce higher technical content, performance is more widely used in CNC system.