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CNC Horizontal Lathe by the majority of customers
Feb 10, 2018

With the continuous development of technology, CNC Horizontal Lathe has recently become one of the preferred customers. Compared with the conventional lathe, CNC Horizontal Lathe has better machining accuracy, more operation and faster processing of parts Fast, then it plays a key role as the most important part of the CNC Horizontal Lathe CNC system.

Before we use the traditional traditional lathe mainly depends on our vision and size to grasp the accuracy of the processing may result in a slight error, then CNC Horizontal Lathe is not the same, as long as we set the parameters then we should not, processing Worry about the size of the error.

Then this operator would play a very important role, for now our CNC Horizontal Lathe system for the proportion of foreign systems or a little more, but the foreign system above all in English, this is undoubtedly for our staff In operation above has brought a certain degree of difficulty. Therefore, the operator needs to master the programming of CNC system. Only mastered programming to better operation.

Although the CNC Horizontal Lathe is already in our usual work, there are many lathes in the market. Because the CNC Horizontal Lathe is a new thing for most of us, then it is worth caution when buying Attention is the CNC system, the three-game system as a well-known system these are very common problem. So before we buy CNC Horizontal Lathe we must carefully understand the future to do the election.