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CNC Horizontal Lathe courses are valued by colleges
Feb 10, 2018

We often hear people say CNC Horizontal Lathe, CNC milling machine, CNC drilling machine, why so much CNC? In recent years, with China's industrial and manufacturing also continue to develop, numerical control manufacturing also underwent earth-shaking changes , First of all CNC products can reduce environmental pollution, so many schools have made it an important course.

CNC is a relatively complex operation of the equipment, this time are basically through the school to teach some basic knowledge, and some of the operation process, etc., so changing technology in society, CNC Horizontal Lathe system is constantly improving Many times after graduation, the students said that they did not follow the reality of their operations. That is, the school's equipment did not follow up.

Combined with the actual situation in the region, the implementation of compulsory education section public school compliance management "step by step, and gradually achieve the unified management of compulsory education district. Actively innovate the regional education evaluation system, and further improve the school management system of objective assessment, education supervision and evaluation system, compulsory education stage Comprehensive evaluation of student quality index system, etc., can not talk to the soldiers on paper to do the actual operation.

The future trend of CNC technology will replace all mechanized equipment, such as milling machine, CNC Horizontal Lathe, drilling machine, planer, sawing machine and so on. Therefore, after the NC-based road is a bright, but also difficult at the same time, many of the current professional schools in equipment, in theory, and in practice have their own teaching system, but also by the higher education department highly recognized .

The state has been advocating CNCization in the future. Therefore, CNC education first will make CNC Horizontal Lathe not only improve our normal work efficiency, but also effectively reduce emissions and better protect our beautiful homeland.