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CNC Horizontal Lathe Machining staff precautions
Feb 10, 2018

As a CNC Horizontal Lathe processing staff, we have to do, the first is the safe production, the second is the high quality and efficient production, if the safety problems, then the high quality and efficiency of the product does not help. Professional large CNC Horizontal Lathe processing manufacturers here for you

CNC Horizontal Lathe Machining Center staff should pay attention to the safety issues, I hope can be helpful to you:

1, CNC Horizontal Lathe processing non-staff operating machine tools.

2, Do not touch the tool, CNC Horizontal Lathe rotating part or rotating the workpiece while running in the machine tool.

3, in case of emergency stop using the button, it should be in accordance with the CNC Horizontal Lathe pre-start provisions, re-check it again, but are not allowed to use emergency stop.

4, in addition to the provisions of the foot is not allowed to replace the hand operation of the handle, but also prohibit the foot of CNC Horizontal Lathe rail surface, screw, polished rod.

5, are not allowed to use triangular scraping the inner wall with trachoma, shrinkage or keyway parts under the conditions of the use of cutting the hole.

6, Pneumatic must be in the hydraulic chuck of compressed air or liquid pressure reaches the specified value before use.

7, if turning slender workpieces, CNC Horizontal Lathe headstock on both sides of the length of more than 4 times the diameter of more than 4 times, according to the provisions of the process with the top center frame or with the knife support. In the back of the bed stretched out, should be added protective equipment and warning signs.

8, cutting brittle metal or cutting easy to splash (including grinding), should be added protective baffle, the operator to wear protective glasses, to ensure your personal safety.