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cnc slant bed lathe structural features and performance!
Feb 10, 2018

cnc slant bed lathe For turning diameter 800-4000 mm large diameter, short length, lighter weight disc, ring workpiece or thin-walled cylinder and other parts below for you to detail about cnc slant bed lathe Structural features and performance!

Structural features: Siamec cnc slant bed lathe for the main box and feed box Siamese structure, suitable for processing large diameter, short length of the workpiece can be high-speed steel or carbide cutting tools for steel, cast iron and light alloy parts Processing, to complete the outer circle, the hole, face, cone, slotting, cutting and other rough, fine turning.

Performance characteristics: Siamese cnc slant bed lathe Excellent performance, according to the survey can basically do "stop parking, dry three classes a day." However, the premise must be in accordance with the instructions for timely maintenance. But also for roughing to eat the knife can reach about 3, the optimal design of the transmission system greatly reduces the failure rate of cnc slant bed lathe, and specially treated gear system can transfer more damping torque to each axis , So that the shaft force, thereby protecting the teeth.

As cnc slant bed lathe rapid change valve, when moved to the middle position, the pressure oil suddenly and the hydraulic cylinder cut off, at this time, due to the inertia of the moving parts and flow, so that one end of the cylinder oil in the oil chamber by Compression, the pressure increased sharply, the other end of the pressure drop in the oil chamber to form a partial vacuum. At the same time, due to the pressure oil suddenly cut off, it will produce high pressure and the formation of the impact.