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Flexible production of fiber laser cutting machine
Sep 05, 2018

Flexible production means that different production tasks can be completed in production, and market demand can be adjusted quickly to realize diversified utilization of resources.

Laser cutting machine is an important equipment for flexible production. The flexibility of fiber laser cutting machine processing refers to the change of processing combination. The laser beam uses a direct and guided method. The laser can be rotated, tilted, up, down, left and right, etc. It can machine the vertical and complex surfaces of the workpiece. Moreover, the direct drive has no idle motion and high precision. By using a robot to move or multi-axis to flip parts under the beam, it is possible to machine parts that are difficult to machine by conventional methods. The laser head can move freely up and down, left and right, the workpiece can be fixed during machining, and the machining of complex workpieces can still be realized. As long as the rotary table is moved, parts with larger axial stroke can be processed. The laser beam is controlled by auto focus. The linear axis of the laser system can be positioned along the optical axis or any axis to keep the beam focused. The focus position is predictable and the stroke is controllable.

Therefore, the metal laser cutting machine can realize the processing and forming of the sheet metal parts, no matter how complicated the sheet metal parts are, as long as the drawing can be drawn in the computer, the processing can be realized.

Flexible production of fiber laser cutting machine