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Heavy cnc slant bed lathe rail on the basic requirements
Feb 10, 2018

The guide rail is one of the basic structural elements of a heavy duty cnc slant bed lathe and is an important part of a cnc slant bed lathe feed drive system. The guides guide and support moving parts, so the machining accuracy, load carrying capacity and service life of a cnc slant bed lathe depend very much on the accuracy and performance of the cnc slant bed lathe rails. Therefore, my company on the heavy CNC cnc slant bed lathe rails in the very strict requirements, divided into the following points:

1, high guidance accuracy requirements

The guiding accuracy refers to the accuracy of the trajectory of the guide rail. The main factors that affect the guidance accuracy are the geometric accuracy and contact precision of the guide rail, the structure and combination of the guide rail, the rigidity and thermal deformation of the guide rail and its support, and the adjustment of the guide rail clearance.

2, better accuracy of the maintenance requirements

Accuracy Retention refers to the long-term rail to maintain the original accuracy. Main factors affecting the accuracy of retention is to the wear resistance, wear resistance and the rail material, rail structure, rail friction properties, the pressure on the rail and its distribution and other factors. Heavy cnc slant bed lathe rail on the accuracy of maintenance requirements than ordinary cnc slant bed lathe to be higher, Mingtai cnc slant bed lathe All heavy cnc slant bed lathe rails are used with a small friction coefficient of the rolling guide, plastic guide rail or static pressure rail .

3, sufficient rigidity requirements

cnc slant bed lathe Each moving part of the external force suffered by the rail surface to endure. If the deformation after the force is too large, not only will undermine the guidance accuracy, but also deteriorate the working conditions of the rail. Rigidity depends mainly on the rail to the type, structure and size, rail and bed connections, rail materials and surface processing quality. Heavy CNC cnc slant bed lathe rail cross-sectional area larger, and also need to add anti-wear layer to improve stiffness.