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High-end CNC Horizontal Lathe market demand continues to rise
Feb 10, 2018

Our CNC Horizontal Lathe industry is still relatively backward equipment manufacturing industry, the current domestic CNC Horizontal Lathe industry in the domestic market share of about 70%, while CNC CNC Horizontal Lathe market share of only about 43% of foreign dependence The high degree of CNC Horizontal Lathe, especially the high, fine, sharp CNC Horizontal Lathe market share of less than 10%, to China's high-speed CNC Latitude Horizontal Lathe left a lot of room for development.

During the period of economic adjustment in our country, the expansion of infrastructure construction will drive the demand of railway, wind power and electric equipment, etc., and indirectly drive the demand of CNC Horizontal Lathe industry. Military, aviation and other industries with a more rigid demand for highly sophisticated CNC Horizontal Lathe, behind the current situation of China's sophisticated CNC Horizontal Lathe seriously hampered the development of China's aviation, national defense, the state is bound to increase investment, the future of military aviation The needs of the business will have long-lasting traction in the highly sophisticated CNC Horizontal Lathe industry.

High-end CNC CNC Horizontal Lathe and basic manufacturing equipment is "Long-term Scientific and Technological Development Plan (2006-2020)," one of the 16 major projects identified, "the State Council on Accelerating the development of the equipment manufacturing industry" is also the Development of high-end CNC Latitude Horizontal Lathe and basic manufacturing equipment as one of the 16 priorities. The first batch of projects involved in the program will be formally implemented in the near future. By target planning of the projects by the year 2020, China will form a high-end CNC high-end CNC CNC Horizontal Lathe and basic manufacturing equipment, the main products of independent development capacity, aerospace, platforms, ships, automobiles, power generation equipment required for manufacturing CNC Horizontal Lathe About 80% of the basic manufacturing equipment based on domestic. CNC Horizontal Lathe major projects total investment of 22.1 billion yuan, 22.1 billion yuan in this special investment plan, the central direct investment of 10 billion yuan, the other are driven by the project, the basic form of the basic implementation of the tender.