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How to correctly maintain the heavy duty cnc slant bed lathe
Feb 10, 2018

The correct maintenance of cnc slant bed lathe refers to the operator or maintenance personnel, according to cnc slant bed lathe technical information and related startup, lubrication, adjustment, preservation, protection and other requirements and maintenance details. It is a necessary requirement in the process of using cnc slant bed lathe for a series of operations of cnc slant bed lathe during use or idle.

cnc slant bed lathe Maintenance purposes: through the maintenance, cnc slant bed lathe can achieve "neat, tidy, lubrication, safety," the four basic elements. Can make tools, workpieces, accessories, etc. neatly arranged, equipment components and safety guards complete line pipeline integrity, to avoid potential accidents. Cleanliness of the appearance of the appearance, the sliding surface, screw, rack and other oil-free non-destructive, to ensure that all parts do not leak oil, leakage, leakage and so on.

Normal cnc slant bed lathe maintenance to improve cnc slant bed lathe

Work efficiency, extend cnc slant bed lathe life is very important. Since heavy cnc slant bed lathe for maintenance is so important, Mingtai cnc slant bed lathe technical team staff give you a brief description of how to carry out maintenance on heavy cnc slant bed lathe.

1, cnc slant bed lathe Maintenance is divided into routine maintenance and regular maintenance of two ways.

2, routine maintenance methods include cleaning of dirt and dust on the cnc slant bed lathe, after the work is completed, cut the blood, swarf and other dirt in a timely manner.

3, regular maintenance is generally in the maintenance workers with the regular scheduled to carry out a work. Including the removal of designated parts, cover, dust cover, etc., for cleaning, wiping and so on.

4, clean the rails and sliding surface, clear burr and scratches.

5, check the various components clearance, fastening is loose, the seal is intact and so on.

6, dredge oil, coolant replacement and electrical wiring inspection and installation.