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How to master the machining accuracy of a small CNC Horizontal Lathe
Feb 10, 2018

Small CNC Horizontal Lathe is one of the more common CNC Lathe Lathe, but sometimes the accuracy of the parts out of the processing department is not very accurate, in fact, the operation of each thing is the need for skill of this operation is also required skill . High-precision products can greatly improve the efficiency of the product, but also by the majority of customers.

Then we must first analyze what determines the accuracy, geometric accuracy refers to the machine when not in operation between the components and the accuracy of the position of the main parts of the shape accuracy, position accuracy. The geometric accuracy of the machine tool has a significant impact on the machining accuracy and is therefore a key indicator of the accuracy of the CNC Horizontal Lathe.

The main factors affecting the dynamic accuracy of the CNC Horizontal Lathe stiffness, vibration resistance and thermal deformation.

The rigidity of a machine tool refers to the ability of a machine tool to resist deformation under the action of external force. The greater the rigidity of a machine tool is, the higher the dynamic accuracy is. The stiffness of the CNC Horizontal Lathe includes the stiffness of the machine tool itself and the contact stiffness between the components. The stiffness of the machine tool itself depends mainly on the material properties of the component itself, cross-sectional shape, size and so on. The contact stiffness between the components is not only related to the contact material and the geometry and hardness of the contact surface but also to the surface roughness, geometric accuracy, processing method, contact surface medium and pre-pressure of the contact surface.

The so-called precision is not completely unified, but is based on customer orders processing, processing to meet the customer's requirements, we appear in the processing machine vibration, parts expansion, parts temperature is too high for these factors are caused by small CNC Horizontal Lathe The accuracy of machining out of the reasons not allowed to go.