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How to solve the problems in the process of CNC machine tool manipulator tool change
Aug 03, 2018

Now the CNC machine tool with a manipulator to change tool has become the mainstream. Relative to other change way, manipulator is change faster, more accurately, and the smaller motion range of mechanical components.

However, there are also the following problems in the manipulator tool changing:

Tool magazine robot movement is not accurate

Each tool change action of the robot sends a brake signal to the controller through the tool magazine. The controller stops the robot rotation output immediately after receiving the brake signal. This part requires the controller to have a higher signal processing speed, and if the speed is not reached, the robot will be inaccurate.

The tool holder memory error after the tool cover is disordered

After the tool magazine is initialized and a series of tool change actions are performed, the original tool and tool holder will be disrupted. Memory errors can occur when the program is not well written. The target tool taken out at a certain tool change does not match the actual machining tool. If the machining is continued, the machine behavior may be damaged.

Tool change count deviation in peer-to-peer tool change

Usually, two tools are interchanged during the machining process, and multiple tool changes are repeated in one tool position. At this time, when the other tools are exchanged, the tool magazine will rotate more than one bit, resulting in a tool change error. .

Controller performance and tool change procedures play a crucial role in tool change in the machining center robotic tool magazine. A motion controller with simple operation, stable performance, accurate tool change and high cost performance is extremely important for the machining center.

Changzhou Fushengjin uses standard macro program instructions to complete the tool change of the robot tool magazine, which has good versatility. Fushengjin's JW series CNC lathe can be extended to other auxiliary function control through the application of the tool magazine.