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The Belt and Road Initiative is an opportunity for the CNC Horizontal Lathe industry
Feb 10, 2018

China CNC Horizontal Lathe industry in the domestic market for nearly a year since the low period, this time the country has introduced a new Belt and Road policy. This represents a significant opportunity for the machine tool industry and a new opportunity for other industries and manufacturing in our country. In the past, domestic products were just important products for certain small commodities, but they are not the same now.

The introduction of this policy can not only stimulate the domestic manufacturing industry, but better opened the market. Belt and Road "strategy from the current overall strategic planning analysis, parallel imports of cars is expected to be some time in the future to solve maintenance and transportation difficulties two prominent obstacles from the current" Belt and Road "can be found in the planning, the 21st century The Silk Road Economic Belt focuses on the smooth flow of China through many regions such as Central Asia.

China invested 40 billion U.S. dollars to establish a Silk Road Fund to provide a platform for investment and financing for projects related to interconnectivity such as national infrastructure, resource development, industrial cooperation and financial cooperation along the Belt and Road. It also brings great opportunities for China's power transmission and distribution companies.

Previous CNC Horizontal Lathe products were only exported on small-scale and small-scale. However, they also involve different national policies and regulations. They are also relatively difficult to export. However, now China and more than 50 countries have reached an international trade partnership, which means It is not that hard for us to export.

In the current form, China's machine tool industry officially needs such a Belt and Road policy to promote exports. At the same time, it also brought more confidence to domestic enterprises. Under such a good policy, we should seize the opportunity to adjust the CNC Horizontal Lathe production mode to make a marketing strategy so that our CNC Horizontal Lathe products can be truly exported overseas and sold all over the world.