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The development trend of 3D laser processing technology
Aug 28, 2018

1.      High precision, high speed, high flexibility

The precision of laser cutting has some gaps compared with other CNC machining methods such as CNC milling, but this does not affect its application. Its accuracy can be improved by improving equipment performance and selecting appropriate process parameters. In terms of speed, although the laser cutting speed can reach several meters or even ten meters per minute, in mass production, it is not as good as metal stamping dies.

2.      Low cost

The reason why laser equipment is expensive is that the price of the laser is high. Secondly, the core technology (such as cutting head) for manufacturing 3d laser equipment has not yet been mastered. Furthermore, there is not much research and development on software. Only by trying to reduce the cost of equipment and master its core technology, can this technology be widely applied in the fields of automobile and aerospace manufacturing.

3.      Intelligent

In 3D laser cutting, sometimes the workpiece or fixture interferes with the laser head or collides. At present, some software can make the machine realize semi-automatic or fully automatic interference avoidance. For the input of cutting trajectory, the more mature technology is teaching, and its shortcomings are time-consuming, laborious and not accurate. Three-dimensional parts often have specific shapes and irregularities before processing. In fact, due to factors such as gravity, the shape may be different from the original design. Therefore, it takes time for the laser processing of three-dimensional parts to realize the direct cad to cam step.

4.      Highly integrated

Since a single laser device is generally expensive, the diversification of functions has always been a direction for the development of laser devices. Nowadays, there are no mature laser cutting tools such as integrated cutting, welding and surface treatment on general three-dimensional laser equipment. Although some equipment can be cut and welded or punched, it will focus on one of the processing methods and weaken other functions. Because the processing requirements of different processing methods are different, the supporting facilities are very different. For the factory, it is basically dedicated to the special machine. “High integration” is a relative concept. It is impossible to integrate too many processing methods on one device. The devices equipped in each processing method are easy to interfere with each other, and these devices are highly specific and integrated. More expensive.

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