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The suitable chuck can make CNC machine tools more effective
Jun 08, 2018

A chuck is a mechanical device used to clamp a workpiece on a machine tool. The chuck is generally composed of a chuck body, a movable jaw, and a jaw drive mechanism. The minimum chuck diameter is 65 mm, up to 1500 mm. Through-holes are provided in the center for passing through workpieces or bar material. The back has a cylindrical or short-tapered structure and is connected directly to the spindle end of the machine tool via a flange. . The chucks are usually mounted on lathes, cylindrical grinders and internal cylindrical grinders. They can also be combined with various indexing devices for milling and drilling machines.

In order to achieve better precision and stability in machine tool processing, chuck has become more important.

From the number of chuck jaws can be divided into: two-jaw chuck, three-jaw chuck, four-jaw chuck, six-jaw chuck and special chuck. From the use of power can be divided into: manual chuck, pneumatic chuck, hydraulic chuck, electric chuck and mechanical chuck.

In fact, the domestic production technology is fully capable of producing high-quality chucks, but the main problem is that there is a big gap between the heat treatment and the details of the processing and the imported chucks. Most imported chucks, due to their rigorous process, guarantee a stable chuck with repeatable clamping accuracy and long life. Among them, the Taiwan Chuck has achieved world advanced technical standards at a reasonable price.

In order to ensure good accuracy even after long-term use of the lathe chuck, lubrication work becomes particularly important. Improper or unsuitable lubrication will result in abnormal function at low pressure, weak clamping force, poor clamping accuracy, abnormal wear and stuck, etc., so the chuck must be properly lubricated.

Matching a suitable chuck will make CNC machine even more powerful. Manufacturers must choose according to the actual situation of their products, so as to make it play a better role.