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What are the environmental requirements of machine tools
Jun 13, 2018

Machine tool is a kind of machine which requires high precision. In order to minimize the influence of external factors on precision, the machine tool must be placed in a relatively stable environment. First, machine tool processing precision is not easily affected by the outside world; Second, a good environment will also help extend the service life of machine tools.

It should be noted that the high environmental requirements of machine tools are not limited to machine tool users. Machine tool manufacturers also need to pay attention to the machine tool environment, and the higher precision machine tool, the higher the environmental requirements. Changzhou FuShengJin is a high precision machine tool manufacturer.

Requirements for environment of machine tools:

  • The temperature. The change in temperature will cause slight deformation of the metal components that make up the machine tool. Therefore, in general, the machine tool will not only install its own ventilation and heat dissipation device, but also mark the ambient temperature. This range is not fixed, but should generally be below 30 degrees Celsius.

  • Humidity. Both machine tool manufacturers and machine tool users should pay attention to the control of humidity in the workshop. In general, relative humidity should not exceed 80% for machine tools are appropriate. But some high precision machine tool manufacturers will also keep the humidity at around 60%.

  • Air quality. Pay attention to air quality in both production and use. The air quality includes not only the humidity mentioned above, but also "harmful gases" and "inhalable particulates".Harmful gas to machine tool is generally corrosive gas, which will have adverse effect on machine tool and its internal precision components, reduce the service life of components, and affect the normal operation of machine tool."Inhalable particulate matter" generally refers to dust. Excessive dust is not only unhygienic, but also increases the risk of circuit board short-circuit.

In addition to these three points, stable and shock-proof environment, reliable power supply and voltage, and reasonable installation position are all important to the machine tool.

The machine tool manufacturer should arrange the workshop reasonably according to the requirement, and the machine tool user should also choose a good working position for the machine tool.