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3D Robot Laser Cutting Machine
Aug 21, 2018

There are various irregular shape materials for processing automotive sheet metal, 3d kitchen ware and sports equipment. General fiber laser cutting machine can not achieve the precise processing of irregular materials, but STK 3D robot laser cutting machine can play well in these industries.

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The machine can cut non-standard shape material. It can be six axis feed and is able to cut from 360 degree. Moreover, some non-standard materials, such as some with fixed geometry and angle, can also be cut by it.

1. Automatic cutting method. Integrating with imported robot arm realize automatic and flexible cutting, greatly  reducing the human error and improving cutting efficiency. 6-Axis moving. realized the processing of any curve and specific curve in 3d space.
2. Flexible cutting and easy to operation. Adopting fiber transmission cutting method make cutting more flexible and realize remote distance cutting.
3. Non-contact cutting. It gives little working force on the surface of work pieces, making work pieces keep good state and having nice cutting effects.
4. Suitable for cutting parts of 3D cover or shaped pipe fittings.
5. Cost efficiency. Adopt industrial robots reduces the cost of power consumption system and the cost of system operation and maintenance, saving more space.
6. Little maintenance. The whole machine just need to change some wearing parts for use. And maintenance cost is low.
7. Industrial robot + fiber laser + man-machine work station for processing, make a complete processing technology.

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