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Auto Feeder For CNC Lathe Machine
May 23, 2018

Auto feeder replaced the manual operation, avoid the effect of human factors on the production cycle, which greatly improves the production efficiency.

uVibrator bowl

Arrange all kinds of workpieces in order and finish processing with CNC lathe machine.


From the loading, clamping, and unloading, are completed by Manipulator, reduce the intermediate links, improving the appearance quality of workpiece greatly, especially the surface of the workpiece is more beautiful.

uOil bath type feeder

Oil bath type feeder is mainly used for various continuous circulation processing materials equipment to realize automatic feeding, improve the machining efficiency and automation degree of equipment for processing all kinds of bar (including round bar, hexagonal, hollow material, etc.).

Feeding diameter can be ф5 ~  ф42 mm or larger, feeding length can be in 3 meters usually .

auto feeder for CNC lathe