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CNC Machine Tool Manipulator Application In The Automotive Industry
Sep 21, 2018

Industrial robots have been frequently used in industrial automation production in recent years. Especially with the rapid development of the automotive industry, industrial robots are widely used in different production processes, often equipped with mechanical arms, knives and other tools that are easy to assemble and produce. It is convenient and quick to produce at the same time can replace the work in the harsh environment of low temperature, high temperature and toxic, instead of manually completing the heavy and monotonous production, ensuring the product quality and improving the production efficiency. CNC machine tools are also widely used in the automotive industry.

1. It can replace manual production in harsh environments, especially in the dangerous military field and nuclear industry, reducing safety hazards. For example, robots for inspection and maintenance in nuclear industry production equipment.

2. The robots used by humans to explore unknown areas, or industries where only robots can work. For example, the operating arm used in space satellite recycling, deep sea mining and salvage marine fishing robots

3. Robots used in the field of automation are mainly embodied in machine tools, blanking, spot welding and painting, and have important influences in electrical and automobile manufacturing.

4. Saving manpower and improving the competitiveness of the enterprise market, ensuring the accuracy, reliability and consistency of the products in production.

CNC machine tool manipulator application in the automotive industry

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