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Design Of CNC Lathe With Gang Type Tool Holder Structure
May 04, 2018

Most CNC lathe tool system configuration is the turret and the gang type tool holder structure, and the turning center will also increase the tool magazine .

The turret and tool magazine for a small amount of travel, the installation of a large number of tools, more convenient to install automatic production equipment, has been widely used. However, the structure of the turret and tool magazine is complicated, which is not easy to assemble and maintain the complicated maintenance and the price is relatively high.

Usually the gang type tool holder structure is the standard configuration or optional configuration of many CNC lathe manufacturers. In addition, the gang type tool holder structure has been widely used in machine tool remanufacturing and machine tool production.

At present, the domestic and foreign lathe numerical control system almost fully supports lathe configuration.

The structure of gang type tool holder is a set of tools that are arranged according to the actual cutting conditions of the workpiece. Fasten the tools clip to the skateboard in order.

The tools are mounted in the slot or hole of the tool holder. The motion of the tool and the saddle and the skateboard are carried out through the longitudinal direction of the movement. The gang type tool holder lathe is used for machining various kinds of shaft and plate parts,  which can be used for turning the inner and outer surfaces of the thread, circular arc, cone and back body.

As a general-purpose machine tool, it is especially suitable for automobiles, motorcycles, electronics, aerospace and military industries.

High efficiency, mass production and high precision machining of rotary body parts.

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