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Disconnect Method Of Vertical CNC Lathe System
Feb 10, 2018

During the operation of Vertical CNC lathe, we occasionally encounter a series of things like program disruption, open circuit, black screen, or set up click to run. This situation first check is the line, or the motherboard aspects of these are hidden, you need a professional computer to test.

Vertical CNC lathe fault phenomenon consistent with this, that is, no voltage on the LCD electrode. At this time the body before and after the reverse of 900, just before and after the polarizer in the same direction, the liquid crystal was transparent state, the backlight through the transparent state of the LCD screen is purely white screen. Vertical CNC lathe backlight inverter input 12V DC power supply is provided by the external CNC mainframe alone to adjust the brightness and contrast of the control voltage provided by the display motherboard,

Character and manipulation interface. This shows that the vertical CNC lathe host circuit and liquid crystal display driver circuit is normal. Then check the backlight part, known vertical CNC lathe before a failure phenomenon, and backlight cold cathode fluorescent tube aging caused by the lack of display brightness similar phenomenon. At this point, to determine the scope of the fault,

Vertical CNC lathe circuit starts with high frequency AC voltage output. With high-pressure gauge for quantitative detection, but also can be used flashover or induction method for qualitative detection. Step-up transformer is higher than the pulse high-voltage output, high-voltage inverter unit circuit is working properly.

Vertical CNC lathe display Check the instructions on the motherboard indicates that the device is normal, with or without obvious signs of deformation and charred discoloration, with or without loosening and Weld, electrolytic capacitor pin leakage at the source, the components of the operating temperature is overheated, Plug-in and cable contact is good and so on.