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Five-axis Machine Technology Applied To Robot Laser Machine
Aug 31, 2018

Off-line programming and automated tooling are one of the key technologies that have been promoted in the machine tool industry. The development and successful application of these technologies in the robotics field enable seamless linking of robotic laser cutting solutions to automotive industry applications.

The traditional robot programming method is online teaching programming, which is time-consuming and laborious, especially for automobile covers or pipe fittings. The complex space curves need to be cut, and the teaching cannot meet the design requirements. The application of robotic laser cutting off-line programming software greatly shortens the programming time and does not affect the online processing.

Automatic and accurate fixtures can also be automated through offline software. The user can select the fixture according to the three-dimensional digital model of the workpiece and can fine-tune it. After designing the appropriate fixture, the system automatically arranges the plates required by the fixtures on a flat plate. The robot can directly cut out the plates required by the fixtures, and finally assemble the appropriate fixtures.

Five-axis machine technology applied to robot laser machine