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FuShengJin Active Distribution Industry High-end CNC Machine Tool Industry
Jul 09, 2018

With the development of Chinese manufacturing, the demand for machine tools is growing, especially for high-end machine tools. As the foundation of advanced manufacturing, the field of application is extremely wide. Due to the late start of industry in China, the machine tool industry needs to be improved. Therefore, there is a gap in the high-end machine tool market. Fushengjin's high-end CNC machine tool industry can not only fill the gap in the domestic market, but also drive the development of domestic machine tool enterprises by introducing advanced machine tool manufacturing enterprises.

In recent years, China's manufacturing industry has developed steadily, market demand has been continuously upgraded, and the transformation and upgrading of the machine tool industry is imminent. China must accelerate its development so as not to be eliminated.

The first is production specialization.

China's machine tool industry has a large scale, but the layout of convergence problems, which makes its scale benefits can not be released, which is also the key to being criticized as "big but not strong." Without a competitive advantage, the market share is greatly reduced.

Therefore, the dominant enterprises should face the mid-to-high-end development of the industrial chain and eventually achieve relative control over the entire industrial chain.

In general, small and medium-sized enterprises should tend to be the middle and low end of the industrial chain, become a link of the industrial chain or a part of a certain link, and ultimately be attached to the dominant enterprise. Thus, a dynamic industrial ecosystem is formed.

The second is to improve product research and development capabilities.

The issue of independent intellectual property rights has been hotly debated, and the independent research and development and creativity of enterprises have become the key to long-term survival.

In this process, joint research and development has become an effective means for enterprises to rapidly improve their research and development capabilities. The combination of independent development and foreign technology introduction has improved the technical starting point and shortened the research and development cycle.

The last is technology introduction and cooperation.

Through acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions, and “marriage”, it will help enterprises to develop rapidly and accelerate the improvement of technology.

Although the long road is long, but driven by state support and leading companies, we have reason to believe that the future of domestic CNC machine tools should not be underestimated.