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FuShengJin Developed A Double Spindle Automatic Processing Unit
Mar 08, 2018

FuShengJin developed a double spindle automatic processing unit that is a composite machine with semi-closed-loop control functions developed in conjunction with advanced design technologies at home and abroad. The automatic feeding machine is composed of upper feeding mechanism, twin bed spindle machine and built-in manipulator, with advanced design concept, strong functional complexity and high degree of automation.

The automatic feeding machine consists of a feeding mechanism, a double-head spindle machine and built-in robots. Advanced concepts, functional complex, high degree of automation.

The machine is versatile and flexible, and the key parts are analyzed and improved by finite element analysis, so as to ensure the processing rigidity and precision.

The machine tool is a double spindle automatic machining CNC lathe at both ends. Process is the operator put the rough material into the feed channel, then feeding machine will feed into the left lathe spindle. After the chuck is clamped, the machine processing the right side of workpiece. After machining, the built-in robot grabs the workpiece and puts it to the right lathe spindle and machining processing the left side of workpiece. After all the processing is completed, the built-in robot grabs the finished part and puts it into the Feed channel to complete the processing of the entire process.

Double spindle automatic processing of CNC lathe milling machine at both ends is particularly suitable for processing a variety of complex shaft parts, a fixture can be completed lathe, drill, attack and other processes, improve the degree of complex process and reduce equipment investment. Ensure the accuracy of the parts and reduce the process of turnover and other auxiliary time, and significantly reduce the operator's skills requirements, reduce the labor intensity of workers. Two spindle automatic processing of CNC lathe milling machine at both ends is especially suitable for many varieties, small and medium batches of turns processing, process adaptability, high processing efficiency, low rejection rate, product processing consistency, can reduce the technical proficiency requirements of workers.


Advantage of Double spindle automatic processing unit

Automatic feeding and processing at both ends reduce manpower and material costs.

The use of built-in robots, speed, reduce the area, eliminating the need to open and close the machine door.

Feeding mechanism feeding → Spindle machining one end → Built-in robot → Spindle two machining other end →laying-off