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High Precision Gang Type Tool Holder CNC Lathe-changzhou FuShengJin
Jun 13, 2018

JW series high speed precision gang type CNC lathemachine is a series of high performance CNC lathes independently developed by our company. It combines Japanese machine tool technology and experience, reasonable space layout, compact structure and elegant design, and has comfortable operation space.

All castings have been aging treatment to achieve strong rigidity and excellent stability.

It adopts simple gang type tool holder design, high speed, high precision and high rigidity, which can greatly save processing time. It can meet the requirement of multi-tool position for different parts.

Adopting the integration of the internal and external protection, to ensure quiet operation, and is simple to make the equipment maintenance, service life is longer. At the same time, a large number of modular design, with powerful extended functions. Provide more premium options for customers.

FSJ CNC lathe machine.jpg