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How To Choose High Precision CNC Lathe
Apr 17, 2018

CNC lathes are the largest and most widely used CNC machines in China.

CNC lathe is a mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, microelectronic and information technology as one of the integration of mechanical and electrical products.

FuShengJin CNC lathe factory has many years of manufacturing history, products divided into hard rail CNC lathe, Linear guide rail CNC lathe, slant bed CNC lathe, high-precision CNC lathe, etc.

Engaged in mechanical processing industry users is no stranger to how the choose and buy of numerical control lathe, but for just engaged in machinery and equipment industry users, in the face of numerous CNC lathe factory, many of the numerical control lathe model, choose a high-quality equipment, it is difficult.

Choose a suitable CNC lathe, be sure to be well prepared:

Before purchase: research the CNC lathe manufacturer, check the specification for comparison, select several CNC lathe manufacturers.

Remind, be sure to have a field trip. Include manufacturer strength, assemble ability, quality control, manufacturer machine processing equipment quality, whether have the detection equipment of high precision.

Purchase: enter into a reasonable standard contract with the manufacturer to protect its own interests.

After purchase: communicate with the technical personnel of the factory to know the correct operation standard and maintenance method.

After the manufacturer shipped the following services, including CNC lathe installation and debugging training.

After-sales service: after-sales service is timely, after-sales personnel technical level and so on.

The strength, history, assembly ability and quality control of a manufacturer determine the quality, performance and precision of the CNC lathe, so the manufacturer's choice is particularly important.

Faced with a large number of CNC lathe, which brand of CNC lathe cost-effective?

Comprehensive analysis, here for you to recommend our FuShengJin CNC lathe, the reasons are as follows:

1. Quality assurance: the FuShengJin CNC lathe engaged in machine tool production has more than 20 years, experienced in production and pay attention to equipment quality. " Honesty is the essence, quality is soul. " is our business philosophy. Ensure the quality of CNC lathe is getting better and better.

2. Technical support: FuShengJin CNC lathe pays attention to the cultivation of talents, and constantly introduce advanced production technology, innovative research and development, production of numerical control lathe in intelligence, automation, digitization and so on has a unique advantage.

3. Strict accuracy detection: we have advanced detection equipment, such as American photodynamic laser interferometer, British RENISHAW BALLBAR, and the Swedish HEXAGON tri-coordinate measuring instrument. Those ensure the quality of products.

4. Green environmental protection: FuShengJin CNC lathe integrates energy saving and environmental protection elements, and ensures green production and efficient work in the process of production.

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