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How To Choose The Lubrication Cutting Fluid Used In The CNC Turning Center Machine
Apr 20, 2018

When using the cutting fluid used in the milling compound, the customer can according to the processing condition of the enterprise itself.

Firstly, two or three kinds of cutting fluid with good comprehensive performance are considered. After the actual test, the performance can be determined to meet the processing requirements and the price is suitable for cutting fluid. The performance of workpiece material is very important to the choice of cutting fluid.

Now, let's look at how to choose the lubrication cutting fluid of the milling compound machine.

1. The cutting fluid should have no pungent odor, no harmful additives to the human body, and ensure the safety of users.

2. Cutting fluid should meet the requirements of equipment lubrication, protection management, namely, cutting fluid should not corrode the metal parts of the lathe machine, not endanger machine seal and paint, no hard gelatinous deposits on the guideway. Ensure the safety and normal operation of the equipment.

3. The cutting fluid shall meet the requirements of rust prevention and no corrosion of the workpiece.

When processing copper alloy, the cutting fluid containing sulphur should not be used.

When processing aluminum alloy, the PH value should be chosen as neutral cutting fluid.

4. The cutting fluid should have excellent lubrication and cleaning function. The cutting fluid with high load value and small surface tension was selected.

5. The cutting fluid should have a long service life, which is especially important for the CNC turning center.

6. The cutting fluid of CNC turning center machine should be used to adapt to a variety of machining methods and a variety of workpiece materials.

7. The cutting fluid should be low pollution and waste liquid treatment method.

8. Cutting fluid should be cheap and easy to manufacture. 

In short, the selection of cutting fluid must meet the requirements of cutting performance and the use of performance, which should have good lubrication, cooling, antirust and cleaning performance, can meet the technological requirements in machining process, reduce the cutter wear and tear, reduce the processing surface roughness, lower power consumption, improve production efficiency. Also consider the use of stability.

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