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How To Choose The Suitable CNC Lathe
Mar 08, 2018

CNC lathe price is not low, choose a satisfactory machine you need to refer to various factors, more attention to consider. Due to the CNC lathe is fast upgrading products and variety model. This determines the selection of CNC lathe full of complexity and difficulty. 

How to choose the most suitable equipment from a wide variety of expensive products becomes a matter of great concern to many enterprises.


When purchasing a CNC Lathe Mill, pay attention to the following points:

1. Considering the strength and experience of a manufacturer. FuShengJin mainly produces CNC lathe over 9 years. The brand of “FuShengJin” enjoys popular support, the product has been widely praised by the majority of users.

2.  According to the purpose and function required to determine the CNC lathe.

3. According to the process requirements of typical parts and the batch of machining parts, study out the function of CNC lathe, then the CNC lathe should be chosen reasonably.

4. Focus on whether the typical parts requirements can be met. This requirement is mainly the structure dimension and machining range of the parts and the requirements of machining accuracy.

5. The control precision of CNC lathe is selected according to the requirement of machining precision.

6. Choose a technology professional, service, guaranteed supply partners Fu Sheng Jin CNC lathes complete product specifications, high quality, strong technical force, strict organizational management, earnestly fulfill service commitments and establish a set of effective service system so that customers really enjoy the integrity and reliable, first-class service after-sales protection.