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How To Connect The Thread Of High Precision CNC Lathe
Apr 17, 2018

High-precision CNC lathe threaded connections are detachable connections made of threaded parts. The features are simple structure, easy to disassemble, reliable work and wide range of use.

Most of the high precision CNC lathe threaded connections existing national standards, select the appropriate thread type, connecting method and determine the size of the threaded connection according to the requirement of the threaded connection.

1. Formation of CNC machine thread.

The right Angle triangle ABC is rotated to a cylinder with a diameter of d, and the Angle is aligned with the circumference of the cylinder. The hypotenuse is formed on the surface of the cylinder.

At this point, if the cutter is used to remove the material along the spiral direction, the corresponding thread can be obtained.

2. Type of CNC machine thread.

High precision CNC lathe screw thread and external thread.

The threads formed on the surface of the cylinder are external threads, and the threads formed on the wall of the cylinder are called internal threads.

Threads and internal threads are used together to form thread pairs for connection and transmission. The thread is also divided into rice and English, and the rest is made in metric units except for the English system.