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How To Distinguish Quality When Buying A Vertical CNC Lathe
Feb 10, 2018

Vertical CNC lathe Quality is an important thing for buyers. Although Vertical CNC lathe is now almost universally realized by all the manufacturers, there is still a big gap in production technology, especially in the manufacturing process On the, there are many users have bought before inferior products.

According to the current form of manufacturing seems most of the manufacturers still able to produce qualified products, then why the market there will be so many unqualified products, in fact, the reason is very simple, because the machine tool market is almost the price Disrupted. So many manufacturers in order to save raw material costs in turn inevitable there will be a decline in quality.

If the same vertical CNC lathe other manufacturers price is 35000 then we are 45000 so many customers will think you how much higher than the price of others, this is only a superficial problem, few customers Can see the authenticity of the problem, few people think of the quality gap.

Vertical CNC lathe Appropriate amount of identification:

For the average person is not good to see, then the first is to look at manufacturers and origin. In other words depends on the overall strength of the manufacturer may be, followed by the vertical CNC lathe attention to the weight and the core components used in the production of CNC lathe Vertical CNC lathe, if it is CNC then depends on the system is not well-known long.