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How To Establish The Market Of CNC Lathes In The Internet Era
Mar 23, 2018

With the development of Chinese economy at the same time, also with the rapid development of China's Internet, including the rise of B2B platform has made great contribution to the development of Chinese industrial products., such as Made in china, Alibaba, Global sources.

It provides a good trading platform for Chinese products to go out.

With the establishment of China's world factory status, the development of the Internet is more and more important.

Despite the obvious advantages of Internet, the development of China's industrial Internet is relatively slow, which is far from the developed countries such as the United States and Germany.

To make up for the gap between manufacturing, at the same time to adapt to the industrial intelligent development trend, at the end of 2017, 2018 session of the national ministry of industry and information technology proposed will be fully "further implement the strategy of industrial Internet innovation and development".

It is foreseeable that there will be virtually no industry in the future.

"The machine tool enterprises face the Internet, like the old people touch the net, the first is the resistance, the confusion, then the interest is full, finally is truly the network's convenience and the potential to conquer."

There are too many examples of such companies in China's machine-tool business.

Changzhou FuShengJin is one of the early online sales CNC Lathe Bed enterprises.From 2009,  we has been working with the China machine tool business network.Nearly ten years of online marketing has opened a new market for CNC lathes.The company's promotion director said: "at the beginning of the network promotion is relatively unknown, and the machine tool business network is not familiar.Start doing online business with a try.Now the information on the Internet is increasing, and the customers who are inquiring are mainly interested customers, and the probability of cooperation is quite high.

Similarly, the company that has tasted the Internet after touching the Internet has not only FuShengJin. Other machine tools factories have also found business opportunities on the Internet.

Now the turnover rate on the net is very high, the most important is to get very good publicity effect.

The network marketing is a win-win thing, enterprise own well-knownness enhanced visibility, customer mention especially distance is far, also can easily get into the enterprise and product information, greatly save the time and cost.

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