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Laser Cutting Robots Are Dedicated To The Automotive Industry
Sep 19, 2018

Manufacturers often rely on traditional processes for stamping, drilling and edging in order to produce a variety of metal components and body parts for automobiles. In recent years, robots have only been used for processing such as spot welding and spraying, which require less processing precision.

Experience has shown that in the automotive industry, conventional robots do not have the precision of perfectly cutting medium-sized circles on sheet metal parts. These robot axes have weak control capabilities and the arm runs very slowly, and cannot move quickly with the production line when holding the workpiece. In addition, the lightweight robot is not strong enough and is extremely deformable, so it cannot guarantee the requirements of high-precision laser cutting.

Laser cutting robot solutions are increasingly favored by car and bus manufacturers. The Stark six-axis robot holds the laser cutting tool in a hoisting manner, enabling fast and precise cutting of doors, shock absorbers and other sheet metal parts that are transported by a mobile platform, from the smallest circular profile to More complex 3D freeform surfaces for all products.

Stark's robots have a rugged and compact body that ensures a high level of rigidity. In addition, due to the use of aluminum for aviation, the fuselage is not easily bent and deformed. These allow the robot to perform ultra-precise laser cutting operations to meet the manufacturer's strict quality standards.