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Laser Processing Usher A New Era Of Intelligence
Sep 19, 2018

Microsoft founder Bill Gates once said that if he is now twenty, his entrepreneurial goal is "bot". The robot industry is a high-tech industry that emerged after automobiles and computers. During the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, the development of China's industrial robot industry is facing an important turning point. In the next decade, the market demand for industrial robots will increase by spurt, rising at a rate of 15% to 20% per year.

Laser processing robots, that is, robotics combined with laser technology and used for processing, are one of the representatives of advanced manufacturing technology in the 21st century. Important directions for its future development include high-power laser remote processing and flexible manufacturing technology, intelligent control technology with machine vision and hearing functions, and network management technology with remote monitoring.

3D laser cutting, highly respected by the market

Three-dimensional laser equipment has improved the processing efficiency and the precision of cutting workpieces, which has greatly shortened the development cycle of manufacturers and parts suppliers, and is therefore highly regarded by the market. For example, in automobile manufacturing, a three-dimensional laser processing machine can cut a perfect burr-free opening and an external slit on a hard B-pillar of a car.

It is worth mentioning that at the time of the rise of fiber lasers, Stark Laser has taken the lead in developing 3D fiber laser cutting machines. It is a perfect combination of robot and fiber laser flexibility, enabling three-dimensional cutting, especially for the three-dimensional cutting of automotive metal parts. The equipment is compact and flexible to process; even the most complex surfaces can be processed with simple operation. Stark Laser has repeatedly demonstrated its various laser processing technologies used in the automotive industry at domestic exhibitions.

Robot + laser, more powerful and smarter

In recent years, the market strategies of international robot giants ABB, KUKA, FANUC and other companies have tilted toward China. Promote the application of robots in the laser industry and showcase a variety of robot products. Users are also realizing that laser cutting with robots can yield huge benefits compared to traditional five-axis laser cutting machines. To this end, ABB has also developed two new dedicated software tools that make robot laser cutting more accurate and flexible. At the same time, users enjoy remote services such as remote access, access to production monitoring, rapid diagnostics and preventive maintenance systems.

Laser processing technology has evolved from its originality to its current diversity. At present, the remote laser processing technology relies on its flexibility. The 3D laser processing technology relies on high-precision three-dimensional positioning. With its highly intelligent advantages, the robot technology has been used in cutting, welding and other fields, and the market potential is huge. People will also realize more deeply that the laser processing industry is steadily entering a more intelligent era.