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Nine Things To Do After The Chinese New Year-FuShengJin CNC Lathe
Mar 23, 2018

Everyone knows the Chinese New Year and the New Year is a new beginning for China.It is also the new beginning of every CNC Pipe Thread Lathe.

As a production enterprise, there is a lot of things to be done after the New Year to pray for a New Year. The company can have a better development, the following is a look at the nine things that the New Year will do.

The machine tool enterprise starts the day must do nine things.

1. Cleaning, the workshop must be cleaned well!

2. Maintenance machine, a holiday does not use machine tool also need delicate care!

3. Preparing the order, it is time to clear the inventory of the previous year!

4. Business negotiations, the industry is too good, customers are stuck in annual leave!

5. At the beginning of the conference, the starting day must be well mobilized!

6. Give out red envelopes, the start date of not starting hongbao is completely incomplete!

7. Contact greetings, whether customers or colleagues, start date is a good time to connect with each other!

8. Preparing for the exhibition, there are many machine tool exhibitions in March, so we must prepare for the exhibition in advance!

9. The work is sweeping the tail, the work that did not finish a few years ago is ready to start on the start date!

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