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Six Trends In The Future Development Of Diamond Blades
Jun 25, 2018

In recent years, the application trend of diamond blade has been on the rise.

The degree of processing skills of the manufacturing industry is greatly influenced by the diamond cutting tool industry, and the development of the manufacturing industry will also promote the development of the diamond cutting tool industry.

The detailed development trend has the following aspects:

1. The utilization of hard alloy materials and coatings increased.

Fine and ultrafine granular cemented carbide materials are the development trend.

Nano-coatings, gradient coatings and new structural materials will greatly improve tool performance.

2. Increase in the use of new types of diamond blade materials.

The toughness of tool materials such as ceramics, metal ceramics, silicon nitride ceramics, PCBN, PCD has been further enhanced, and more and more applications have been made.

3. New cutting diamond blade materials are used more and more rapidly.

High speed cutting, hard cutting and dry cutting are developing rapidly, and the application range is expanding rapidly.

4. Diamond tool development is more targeted.

Diamond tool makers are no longer focusing on generic brands and structures.

In the face of complex and changeable application situations and processing conditions, a more targeted blade groove structure, plate number and corresponding supporting tools are developed to replace the universal slot shape and plate number blades and tools.

5. Role change of diamond tool manufacturer.

From the production and supply of pure diamond tool to the development of new cutting technology and the development of corresponding set of skills and solutions, it provides comprehensive technical support for users.

6. With the improvement of informatization, the cooperation of diamond tool manufacturing enterprises is strengthened and the market competition is reduced.

The above six points are the development trend of diamond tool in the future and the development opportunity of diamond tool manufacturers.