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Suitable Parts For Two-column CNC Vertical Machining
Apr 08, 2018

Using other machine tools to process complex-shaped parts often requires a considerable amount of work and fixtures, so their production technology preparation cycle is very long, and replacement of workpieces requires re-manufacturing workers and fixtures. The use of CNC vertical lathes to process complex workpieces requires only a small amount of work and fixtures, so its production technology preparation time and costs are relatively economical. Especially for workpieces that use digital equations or coordinate points to represent contours, it is more convenient to machine. When the CNC vertical lathe is used to change the machining workpieces, it is only necessary to replace the processing program tape, and it is very convenient to carry out new workpiece processing.

Double-column CNC vertical lathes have high production efficiency. CNC vertical spindle speed and feed rate are larger than other types of machine tools, thus providing the possibility to increase the cutting amount. The CNC vertical lathe has strong adaptability and it is very convenient to replace the processed workpieces, thereby reducing the downtime of the machine tool and naturally increasing the effective machining time.

According to the characteristics of double-column CNC vertical lathe machining, it can be seen that the most suitable parts for CNC machining include:

1. Multi-type, small-volume production of parts or new products in the trial production of parts;

2. Geometrically complex parts;

3. Parts that must be processed in multiple processes during processing;

4. Parts that require expensive tooling equipment (tools, fixtures, and dies) are required when machining in conventional vertical lathes;

5 must strictly control the tolerances, high precision parts;

6. Process design parts that need to be modified several times;

7. The key parts that are not allowed to be scrapped in processing;

8. Parts that require the shortest production cycle.

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