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The Cause Of The CNC Turning Center Tool Collision
May 04, 2018

Compared with ordinary machine tools, CNC turning center with high precision, good stability, low labor intensity, convenient for modern management.

But due to improper operation or programming errors, easy to make tools or holder hit the workpiece or machine tools. Damaged tools and processed parts, damaged machine parts, Influence the machining accuracy of CNC turning center, and even caused personal accidents.

In order to keep the precision, it is not allowed to collide with the machine tool or workpiece in the use of FuShengJin CNC lathe.

FuShengJin have made a analysis of the causes of the collision, and we hope it will be helpful to you.

u  The simulated machine tool is not locked.

CNC turning center is locked by software. When the automatic operation button is pressed in the simulation, it is not obvious to see whether the machine has been locked.

The simulation does not tool settting. If the machine tool does not lock the operation, it is easy to hit the tools.

Therefore, the machine should be checked before the simulation process to confirm whether the machine tool is locked.

u  Forgot to close the empty operation switch during processing.

In order to save time CNC turning center in the program simulation open the empty operation switch usually. The empty operation means the speed of all the moving axes of the machine with the speed of G00. If the empty operation switch is not closed during processing, the machine tool ignores the given feed speed and runs at the speed of G00, cause tool collision and machine accident.

u  No reference points are returned after the empty run simulation.

In the calibration procedure, the machine tool is locked, while the tool is machined in simulation (absolute and relative coordinates are changing). At this time, the coordinates are not in accordance with the actual position, and the method of returning reference points should be used to ensure that the mechanical zero coordinates are consistent with absolute and relative coordinates. If no problem after the calibration procedure, the machining operation will result in the collision of the tool.

u  The overrides are off in the wrong direction.

When the machine is milling, the overdrive should be pressed and the button should be pressed. The manual or manual mode should be moved in the opposite direction, which can be eliminated.

u  But if the direction is reversed, the machine will be hurt.

When the machine is overrunning, you should press the override button and move in the opposite direction by hand or hand, which can be eliminated. But if the direction is reversed, the machine will be hurt. Because when the overdrive is removed, the machine's overpass protection will not work, and the travel switch of the overpass protection is already at the end of the journey. At this point, it is possible to cause the table to continue to move in the direction of the overdirection, and finally pull the screw, causing the machine tool to be damaged.

u  Specifies that the cursor is not in position at run time.

When the specified row is running, it usually starts down from where the cursor is located.

For a lathe, it is necessary to invoke the offset value of the tool used. If the tool is not invoked, the tool that runs the program section may not be the required tool. It is very likely that the tools accident caused by different tool.

Of course, in machining center and CNC milling machine, we must first invoke the coordinate system such as G54 and the length compensation value of the tools. Because each tool has a different length of compensation, it can also cause a collision if it is not invoked.

CNC turning center as a high precision machine tools, tool collision avoidance is very necessary. It require the operator to develop the habit of earnest careful cautious, according to the correct method of machine tool operation, to reduce the machine tool collision.