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The Future Development Trend Of CNC Lathes.
Mar 29, 2018

Each the user of CNC lathe and the manufacturer of CNC lathe will be concerned about the same problem: What is the future trend of CNC lathe?

With the need of China's market, CNC lathe is constantly upgrading.

The application of numerical control technology not only brings revolutionary change to traditional manufacturing, the manufacturing industry has become the symbol of industrialization, and with the continuous development of numerical control technology and application in the field of expanding. It to the national economy and people's livelihood some important industry is playing a more and more important role in the development. Such as IT, automobile, light industry, medical and other industries. The digitisation of the equipment needed for these industries is a big trend in modern development. The current CNC lathe presents the following development trend.

1. High speed and high precision.

High speed and precision is the eternal goal of machine tool development.

With the rapid development of science and technology, mechanical and electrical products have been updated and replaced. The requirements for precision and surface quality of machining parts are getting higher and higher.

In order to meet the demand of this complex and changeable market, the machine tool is developing rapidly in the direction of high speed machining, dry machining and preparatory dry machining. The machining accuracy is constantly improving.

2. High reliability.

The reliability of CNC machine tool is a key index of product quality of CNC machine tool.

Whether the CNC machine can play its high performance, high precision and high efficiency, and obtain good benefit, the key depends on its reliability.

3. CNC lathe design CAD, structural design modularization.

With the popularization of computer application and the development of software technology, CAD technology has been widely developed.

CAD not only can replace manual to complete the drawing tedious work, more important is to select the design scheme and the static and dynamic characteristics of the large machine analysis, calculation, prediction and optimization design of the machine's working parts can be dynamic simulation.

4. Functional complexity

The purpose of compound function is to improve the productivity of machine tools, and minimize the time of non-processing.

The combination of functions can range of the machine tool and improve the efficiency. Realize one machine multi-purpose, one machine multi-energy. That is, a CNC lathe can realize the turning function, also can realize milling processing. Grinding can also be realized on milling machines.

With the development of CNC lathe, FuShengJin CNC lathe has developed high precision, high speed and modularization. Got the unanimous approval of the customer.

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