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The Quality Of CNC Horizontal Lathe Today Determines Tomorrow's Market
Feb 10, 2018

Today, every one of us is paving the way for tomorrow. CNC Horizontal Lathe is the same. Today, we will make a profit tomorrow. If we do not do well today, we may not have food tomorrow, meaning that it is certainly important today and tomorrow. , The market is not a day trip is the accumulation of long-term.

What we are going to do today is what matters most. What we do as CNC Horizontal Lathe manufacturers are products that will flow to the market. The quality of CNC Horizontal Lathe is measured in the market, Market This is a correct mode of thinking, that is to say there is no market without quality,

CNC Horizontal Lathe quality comes from our factory technology and manufacturing generated, then how do we do the first step, in charge of the production company directly responsible for the production and management, is responsible for organizing the implementation of production management. Production Technology Department is responsible for production planning, distribution, production schedule control, is responsible for the design of technical process documents, preparation of process, and monitor production according to plan and technical standards.

Procurement Department is responsible for production needs, preparation of equipment and spare parts, accessories procurement plan, the implementation of procurement, to ensure the normal supply of materials, quality inspection department is responsible for the entire process of quality inspection from the raw material into the CNC Horizontal Lathe finished product factory inspection, analysis and improvement The entire process of quality problems, responsible for the finished product according to the requirements of sending and receiving.

Then the marketing department of CNC Horizontal Lathe shall prepare the annual, quarterly and monthly sales forecasting plans according to the product sales performance and market research report, and then send it to the Production Technology Department after approval by the general manager, and the Production Technology Department shall make timely arrangements according to the sales forecasting plan Production planning and production organization. Timely adjustment of marketing strategies, customer follow-up and other aspects of doing a good job.

No matter what to start from the source, every step should be closely linked to strict quality control strategies to market sales to keep abreast of customer needs, CNC Horizontal Lathe timely replacement, etc., CNC Horizontal Lathe quality Well done sales so the market will have.