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The Technology Of The Casting Of CNC Vertical Lathe
May 04, 2018

The wear resistance and shock absorbency of CNC vertical lathe castings are good.

Because graphite in cast iron is good for lubrication and oil storage, good wear resistance. In the same way, the vibration of graphite is better than that of steel.

Due to the high carbon content of grey cast iron, it is close to the eutectic composition, so the melting point is relatively low, with good fluidity and small shrinkage rate, so it is suitable for casting complex or thin-walled castings.

In addition, due to graphite cutting process, it is easy to form cuttings, so the machinability of grey cast iron is better than that of steel.

Advantages of CNC vertical casting:

l  The resin sand type has good rigidity and the sand type has high strength at the initial stage of casting. This makes it possible to use the graphitized expansion of the solidification process of cast iron to effectively eliminate the defects of shrinkage cavity and shrinkage, and to realize the casting of small and no risers of gray cast iron and ductile iron castings.

l  Solid polystyrene castings are used in the production of solid castings. When the molten metal is poured into the mold, the foam is quickly vaporized under the action of the high-endless metal liquid, which burns and eliminates the flame. The molten metal replaces the position occupied by the original foam plastic, and it is cooled and solidified into a solid cast with the same shape as the pattern.  

The machine tool casting of CNC vertical lathe is widely used. It can be used in the processing of instruments, electronic, light industry, standard parts, bearing industry, auto parts and so on. Wear resistance and dimension stability, directly affect the precision of machine tool life.

  1. Primer should be painted or sprayed and dip evenly. Primer must be fully stirred before use, diluted to the appropriate year and then applied.

  2. The water grinding technology is used to polish the surface of the machine. In order to prevent the machine tool casting surface after processing rust, need to use rust-proof water for grinding.

  3. After mechanical processing of the bed casting, it must be washed or washed with a metal cleaner or clean industrial gasoline before painting, to ensure a thorough cleaning of the oil and other contaminants on the surface.

  4. After using Vinylidene Chloride to fill the recesses of machine tool castings, it must be allowed to dry before grinding. After each grinding, the surface refining and dust must be completely removed.

  5. In the end be bored with child after grinding is clean, need to spray Vinylidene Chloride second primer, so can improve the smoothness of paint film, increase the gloss of paint film.

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