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The Trend Of Intelligent Development Of Machine Tool Industry In China Is Becoming More Obvious
Mar 16, 2018

In recent years, the total market demand of machine tools in China has been decreasing, but the stock market reform and the upgrading of demand structure have accelerated.

There has been a significant increase in automation, customization and shift upgrade.

Nowadays, the intelligent development of machine tools has greatly promoted the development of China's machine tool industry, which has helped the domestic machine tool to go to the world and created more value.

With the deepening of the structural adjustment of machine tool industry in China, the numerical control rate of the machine tool industry has been greatly improved.

At present, the numerical control rate of the machine tool industry in the international manufacturing industry is more than 60%, and the numerical control rate of the machine tool industry in China is still expected to improve further.

Numerically Controlled Lathe solve the complex, precision, small batch and many varieties of parts processing, is a kind of flexible, highly efficient automation of machine tools, CNC machine tools and industrial contact most closely, vigorously develop high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment, has a global strategic significance.

Today, made "smart" is sweeping the world, the trend of the world's leading machine tool manufacturers are heavily in research and development of intelligent machine tool products, machine tools in China have successfully developed "i5" series of intelligent machine tools.

Predictably, intelligent has become a symbol of high-end CNC machine tools, unlimited business opportunities in the future, the domestic machine tool how to made "smart" upsurge, make their own development?

The machine tool industry is a typical capital intensive, technology intensive, labor-intensive industry, the development of the industry three elements are indispensable.

In the past nearly 10 years of machine tool industry boom period, key machine tool enterprises in developing in our country has accumulated strong financial strength, the country's industrial policy in new product research and development of the enterprise also give the support of capital.

Technological breakthrough will be the catalyst for the rise of the machine tool industry.

For the machine tool industry in China, there are still many problems in the development of CNC machine tools.

On the one hand, lack of demand is still the main difficulty;

On the other hand, although China has made great efforts in the field of high-end machine tools in recent years, it has made great progress, but the situation of high-end equipment dependence on imports has not improved greatly. However, it also fully demonstrates that there is still a huge room for development in China's machine tool industry.

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