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Vertical CNC Lathe Programming Exactly What Kind Of Role To Play
Feb 10, 2018

NC we are talking about the two words and the computer has a relationship, then the CNC programming CNC Vertical CNC lathe exactly what kind of function and what kind of function, here we carefully tell about the current society The advanced technology of electronic technology, but also let us know more about the power of Vertical CNC lathe system.

Take the CK6140Vertical CNC lathe is one of the more common and relatively common Vertical CNC lathe, can automatically turning a variety of rotary surfaces, such as cylindrical surface, conical surface, special surface, etc., and can grooving, threading, boring , Hinge, drilling, high efficiency, applicability. Can be widely used in the machinery industry and other industries, especially for large parts of non-ferrous metal parts turning, which is introduced Vertical CNC lathe purposes.

In fact, under the system, referring to the system of these two words we should know that there are now many things with the system, all about the electronic industry basically with the system, such as mobile phone systems, computer systems, automotive systems, etc. To put it bluntly, the system is a set of thinking and thinking, then I and our humanity is the command of the command to the system, and then there is a system to pass the complete set of processing.

In the system there is a programming, the so-called programming is like a few roads and a few roads are entered into the programming inside, then this time we set the system to go this path, I asked them to each knife processing content Written as an independent program, the program must be set at the beginning of the processing environment, such as spindle speed, program status, processing procedures in strict accordance with the fixed feed retract mode prepared.

Vertical CNC lathe The development achievements of several days are worth celebrating. In the past, CNC semi-automatic and today's fully automatic CNC can not achieve the result in one day or two. The development and configuration of Vertical CNC lathe system is very important , Not only in terms of precision, operation, and stability brought great aspects of the shortcut, it is a good helper save time and effort.