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Vertical CNC Lathe What We Need To Know Before The Transformation
Feb 10, 2018

For the machine tool industry for Vertical CNC lathe transformation is not new thing, then how can we transform into a perfect use of Vertical CNC lathe it, the general transformation are from normal Vertical CNC lathe CNC vertical CNC lathe, then at Vertical CNC lathe What we want to do before the transformation, we must first understand the overall structure, and you want to transform the structure, but I need to use what kind of system, what size of components need to be processed, etc. must have a very Good grasp at the start.

The CNC transformation is carried out on a Vertical CNC lathe (or a horizontal CNC lathe using a horizontal two-axis linkage), see the attached drawings. Vertical CNC Lathe Horizontal Ball Screw 7 pitch P = 5 mm, Vertical CNC Lathe Horizontal (X-direction) Stepper Motor 8's run control accuracy is 0.005mm; Vertical CNC Lathe Longitudinal Ball Screw 9 pitch P = 12mm, Vertical CNC Lathe vertical (Z direction) stepping motor 10 running control accuracy of 0.005mm; using two-axis economic CNC system to control the two movements (this part can also use the original CNC Vertical CNC lathe).

Unlike horizontal CNC vertical CNC lathe, the original Vertical CNC lathe holder (or electric tool holder) is replaced with a small power milling head 6 for clamping various shank-type milling cutters 5, power milling The head's spindle axis is perpendicular to the vertical CNC lathe centerline (it can also be rotated 90 ° parallel to the vertical CNC lathe centerline). Powered milling heads are controlled by separate motors. Replacing the Power Milling Head Vertical CNC lathe (or electric turret) restores the CNC Vertical CNC lathe structure. Vertical CNC lathe Vertical CNC Lathe The horizontal (X-direction) movement is controlled by a set of two-axis linked CNC main systems.

At the left end of the XI axis of the CA6140 Vertical CNC lathe headstock, see the attached drawings. Remove the original vertical CNC lathe connected Ⅺ axis, Ⅻ axis gear (z = 100), with F W160 universal indexing head 3 and the left end of the Ⅺ axis connection, use another stepper motor (with the X-step stepping motor technology The same parameters, P = 5 mm, displacement control accuracy of 0.005mm, the difference is set to Y stepper motor), used to connect F W160 universal indexing input worm, so you can achieve Vertical CNC lathe spindle Ⅵ (bring the workpiece 4) rotation control (in this case, let the vertical CNC lathe spindle be in neutral position first). F W160 universal indexing head and Y stepper motor mounted on the cast iron bracket 2.